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For the promotion of tourism to India, Indiatourism regularly participates in Tourism Fairs.

Indiatourism, Frankfurt is in process of aappointing Tourism Management Agency as per the instructions of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India for assisting the office in undertaking work relating to promotion and publicity of Indian Tourism in the different markets of Europe.

Three different open tender notices has been uploaded in the Ministry of Tourism website www.tourism.gov.in on 31st Aug 2019 for three different markets under the jurisdiction of this office. A total of three agencies has to be selected for group of three different markets, one for the countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, second for Spain and Portugal and third agency for the market of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

The Indian Missions in respective countries including CGI, Frankfurt had been requested to upload the said country based tender notices with aim of getting maximum applications.

A copy of the said notice is attached with this mail. The last date for submission of bids is on or before 15.00hrs on 30.09.2019. The bids received on or before the due date will be opened by a committee and in the first instance the Technical Packet will be opened. Agencies fulfilling the minimum eligibility criteria mentioned in the said tender   notice will be considered for technical presentation.

Eligible agencies will be called for a presentation before the committee for evaluating technical soundness of the agencies based on presentations made by them. Agencies will be awarded marks against a total of 70 Marks as per criteria given at point 6 iii of the said notice.

The financial bids of qualified agencies in Technical evaluation will be opened by the committee of the qualified agencies while evaluating the Financial Bid of eligible agencies, agency quoting the lowest annual fee will get 30 Marks out of 30. The other  agencies  will  be  awarded marks  out of  30 as per the following formula:

(Lowest annual Fee ÷ Annual Fee of the agency under consideration) x 30 

The technical and the financial  marks  of  each of the eligible  agency  will  be  added and the  agency  obtaining the  highest aggregate marks will be considered for  appointment  as  Management  Agency.

It is proposed that the tender opening committee may comprise of one Official not below the rank of Consul from Consulate General of India Frankfurt, One India based Official from Air India, Frankfurt and Indiatourism Officials.

For opening and selecting the best agency, we require your expertise. We request your presence for the opening of tenders as per the following schedule.

i.Opening and evaluation of Technical bids  - 11.00 hrs on 04.Oct 2019.

ii.Presentation and its evaluation  – 11.00 hrs to 13.00hrs on 21 Oct 2019.

iii.Opening and evaluation of Financial bids -  11.00hrs on 25 Oct. 2019.

Acknowledgment of this mail will be much appreciated.

Encl: 3 tender notices


Spain & Portugal


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