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Application for Miscellaneous Services

(to be printed and submitted at the Consulate alongwith prescribed fees)
1. Name :
2. Date of Birth :
Place of Birth :
3. Father's Name :
4. Address (in India) :
  Telephone Number :
5. Address (in Germany) :
  Telephone Number :
6. Details of passport
  Passport No :
  Place of Issue :
  Date of issue :
  Valid Upto :
7. New Name
(if application is for change of name on marriage or otherwise)
8. New Address
(if application is for change of address)
9. Spouse's details
  Full Name
(if application is for Inclusion of name of spouse in the passport)
  Date of issue :
  Valid Upto :
10. Service Required [Please √ tick]
  a. Inclusion of spouse's name :
  b. Change of Name/Maiden Name :
  c. Police Clearance Certificate (for : please write name of country) :
  d. Change of Address :
  e. Any other - Please specify :
  f. Email Id : :

If you are unable to get the email kindly use PDF version Click Here

Office Timing
Working hours: 0900 Hrs to 1730 Hrs - Monday to Friday
Submission of application for Consular Service 0930 to 1130 Hrs
Collection of documents of Consular Service 1600 to 1700 Hrs
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